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Autoresponder marketing is THE MOST EFFECTIVE WAY TO PROMOTE YOUR WEBSITE. If you are not using autoresponders with your website you are losing 80% of your sales! I make most of my money with autoresponders. Getting the point! This is important if you want to monetize your site. If you want to communicate your message, if you want to maximize your advertising dollar.

Ok, what the heck are autoresponders? Autoresponders send timed email follow up messages to all those who subscribe. Your autoresponder software will give you an html form to put your site. People subscribe to your autoresponder series from this form. Then your subscribers will get messages every 4 days from you about your service product or website. The autoresponder service will have a place where you can compose your messages. Then you can decide whether you want your subscribers to receive the messages every 3 days, every 4 days. The timing is up to you.

Let's take my site for example. Below is my autoresponder form:

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When you sign up you will be redirected to a form where you can submit your website to over 300 search engines in one click. However, also you will subscribed to my autoresponder series. You will receive automatic email messages from me with tips on how to promote your website every 4 days for almost 1 year! All this is managed automatically with by my autoresponder service. Everything is on autopilot once it is set up. You sign up once and I will follow up with you every 4 days for one year. Of course you can unsbuscribe anytime by simply clicking a link in the follow up email and you will no longer receive follow up email messages.

The point is that it has been proven that people need to hear a messsage at least 7 times before they purchase. Do you think you will have better luck selling your service or product if the potential customer comes to your site once and then goes away of if you capture his email address and you follow up with helpful tips and ideas for one year?

Your follow up messages should offer helpful tips and ideas about your service or product. For example if your site sells golf clubs you could have an autoresponder series giving your subscribers free tips every few days on how to improve their golf swing. Then in each email messsage you could remind them about your site on golf as well as give them valuable tips about something they are actually interested in, golf. You are then developping a relationship with your potential client and he is more likely to purchase from you.

Ok, now you see why autoresponders are valuable. Now let's get an autoresponder service! I recommend either or They are both superb services. If you want to have your own software I recommend 1-2-All Email Marketing . This will allow you to run your own autoresponder software from your web server. This gives you a bit more flexibility but I recommend using an outside service for your autoresponder campaigns. The reason is that email delivery is very tricky. and have full time people making sure their servers are not on blacklists of and that your emails go through.

Bottom line if you are not using autoresponders stop everything else you are doing and get this service in place on your website. You are throwing away sales if you are not using autoresponders to capture the emails addresses of your prospects and following up. Here are my recommended services again:

3. 1-2-All Email Marketing

Good luck and keep following up!

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