Warning: Don't Even Consider Investing In SEO Software, Hiring An Overpriced SEO "Guru" Or Pouring Your Cash Into Pay Per Click Until You've Read This Page!

It's so easy it should probably be illegal.

Traffic-Generating Software King Jeff Alderson says...

"It's All About The Traffic!"

Here's How Even The
Laziest, Most Technophobic Internet Marketer Can Almost Automatically Get All The High-Quality, Relevant Incoming Links You Want... Climb Your Way To The Top Of SEO Pile... And Drive More Qualified, Profitable And Free Traffic To Your Site...

Without Paying Out The Nose For A High Priced SEO "Expert"...

Without Spending All Your Time Suffering And Struggling In SEO Land...

And Faster Than You Ever Thought Possible Before!

It's Never Been This Easy To Get High-Quality Links In Your Niche Pointing To Your Site, Driving Up Your Search Engine Placement And Radically Increasing Your Sales.

"Jeff Alderson Has Done It Again"

"Jeff Alderson is the man! He's created exactly what the market needs again.

I've been following Jeff's incredible tools and products since the good old Traffic Equalizer days (that software basically paid for my first house!).

You'll find great support, videos and training to help you along the way as Jeff stands behind all of his products.

Though I did tell him to raise the price by at least $100!

So take advantage of this low price before he listens to me. :-)

Howie Schwarz

RE: You Getting More High Quality, Natural Traffic More Quickly And With Less Work

Dear Internet Marketer,

There's only one reason that you should care about getting as many high-quality and relevant incoming links pointed at your website as you humanly can...

To Radically Increase Your Placement In The Big Search Engines, Drive More Qualified, Natural Traffic To Your Site And Make More Sales And More Money Than You Ever Thought Possible Before!


Because incoming links from high quality, relevant sites in your niche are the single most important factor when it comes to determining your placement in the big search engines...

More important than flooding your site with "SEO Friendly" content...

More important than slaving away late into the night and coming up with original content for your blog...

And more important than blasting out endless submissions to article sites or trolling around forums and desperately hoping someone will click on the link in your sig file!

Unfortunately getting high-quality, respectable "Authority" sites to point to you has always had one really big downside...

It's A Time-Sucking Nightmare!

If you want to have any chance at all of building up a powerful catalog of incoming links from quality, relevant sites that actually boost your search engine ranking, get you a flood of free traffic and skyrocket your sales, you've got to...

  • Spend hours upon endless hours doing keyword research...

  • Dig up the contact info for your competitors and manually analyze there sites...

  • Send out email after email asking for link exchanges (and sit there feeling foolish when your personally crafted messages get sucked into the internet ether and are never heard from again.)

  • And basically waste all your time and money maintaining your link partners and doing every little boring thing you can to keep your traffic flowing.

Or You Can Pay Out The Nose For A So Called "SEO Expert" (Who's Probably Using My Software), Who Confuses You With Silly Jargon, Gets You On A Pricey Monthly Contract And Still Barely Gets Any Results Because He Doesn't Know Your Business And Doesn't Really Care About Your Sales Or Profit Margins!

I don't know about you, but I got into internet marketing so I could make money...

And so I could spend less time hunched over my computer and acting like a "Dilbert" cubicle drone and more time hanging out with my family, traveling, doing the stuff I love and sacking out on the couch and watching Dukes of Hazard marathons.

So Let Me Ask You A Quick Question...

Can you imagine being able to run a full, powerful and incredibly profitable SEO campaign in just a few minutes a day (or even just a few minutes a week) from the comfort of your home, even if you're a complete technophobe who can barely run a browser and without having to know much about how SEO works at all?

It's really not that difficult to get a flood of highly-targeted, organic traffic coming to your site and buying your products while you sleep, while you hang out with your kids and while you do all the cool stuff you got into internet marketing in the first place!

Stop Burning Money On Pay-Per-Click Advertising When You Can Drive More Organic Traffic And Make More Sales For FREE With Very Little Effort!

Organic traffic is great because...
  • It's Free! (unlike PPC or JV traffic, you don't have to pay for it.)

  • It's targeted! (If someone finds your site, it means they were searching for what you're offering.)

  • It's automatic! (You don't have to micromanage your Pay Per Click ads, send out emails or broker with partners.)
Which is why I've decided to "equalize" the SEO playing field, piss off a lot of hack job over-priced SEO "experts" and take all the work out of getting high-quality sites to link back to you by creating ...

SEO Equalizer!

"The Swiss Army Knife Of SEO Tools!"

"Now I can see why SEO Equalizer is being called the Swiss Army Knife of SEO tools. It does EVERYTHING!

This software is going to make me a ton of money. Finding and maintaining all my link partners with SEO Equalizer couldn't be easier.

Plus I can do so many other things like track rankings, backlink analysis, find links to competitors (and get them to link to my site) keyword research and so much more.

I literally have tried every single SEO tool out there. I need to get top 10 results and SEO Equalizer is the tool for the job!


"But The Real Test Is, Does SEO Equalizer Work?"

"I can't believe the number of tools that you've built into SEO Equalizer. Everything you could ever need is right at your fingertips to run a full SEO campaign.

You have no idea how much time I would waste going back and forth between SEO programs trying to make all the pieces work.

But the real test is, does SEO Equalizer work?

I recently dropped to #10 on Google for the term "Garage Plans." But using SEO Equalizer I was able to climb up 3 more spots on Google to #7 just by using your 'Banned Website Checker.'

I can't wait to put the other tools in SEO Equalizer to work. If SEO Equalizer can get these results in a hyper-competitive market like mine, I can only imagine what it can do in a normal market.

Charles Kirkland

Here's What This Is All About...

My Name is Jeff Alderson and like you I'm an internet entrepreneur who's using my online businesses to create the good life for me and my family.

I've been making money on the internet since 1996 and have made a career out of building simple and powerful software tools that make getting traffic as easy and as profitable as humanly possible.

In fact, I'm the "Florida tech geek" behind many of the most popular and powerful software tools that smart internet marketers use today, including...

Traffic Equalizer... the "hidden giant" of so many people's online success which thousands of online entrepreneurs have used to get an "unfair advantage" over the corporate competition... and to drive literal tons of traffic directly to their sites.

Adword Analyzer... which makes it ridiculously easy to uncover targeted keywords with very little competition so you can get the best possible bang for your PPC buck.

RSS Equalizer... which funnels fresh, Google-friendly content to your website every single day and keeps you at the top of the SEO pile once you get there.

And Press Equalizer... which I designed from the ground up to let the "Little guy" get traffic-sucking press releases out to the masses fast.

Plus many of the big "gurus" of the internet world swear by my software, including...

Armand Morin, internet marketing master and creator of the Big Seminar who calls my RSS Equalizer software "The most important tool you need to get more pages listed in the search engines."

Dr. Joe Vitale, of the popular movie "The Secret" who said that my Ad Word Analyzer software is "a new way to find hidden gold" on the internet.

Howie Schwarz who raves to everyone and confesses that my Traffic Equalizer software "basically bought his first house."

And many, many (many) others who have taken my simple software products and used them drive tons of hot, qualified traffic to their websites and to add untold millions of dollars to their bottom lines.

Why Am I Telling You All This?

Honestly, in real life I'm a pretty humble guy, but I want to make sure right now, before we go any further that you know that when it comes to creating software that makes getting traffic easy and that anybody from the rankest newbie to the most experienced pro can use, I know what I'm talking about.

And I want you to know that I'm deadly serious when I say that SEO Equalizer is... .

The Most Powerful, Profitable And Easy-To-Use SEO Tool Available On The Market Today

Here's the deal...

I've designed SEO Equalizer from the ground up to "equalize" the gap between hardworking internet entrepreneurs like you and me and the overpriced SEO "Experts" who make a game out of sucking as much cash as possible out of their clients.

Using This Simple Software Package, Even The Biggest Internet Technophobe Who Can Barely Turn On A Computer And Who Never Learned To Type Can...

  • Instantly discover how any website really ranks in all the major search engines... that means Yahoo!, Google, MSN, Altavista and more. You'll see exactly what position your sites have as well as the ranks of your competitors... and why.

  • Automatically scour the internet to find high-quality sites in your niche that accept link submissions... and submit your link with just a click of a button and no actual effort at all. (Say goodbye to the bad old days of manually entering your site information again and again.)

  • Do an instant back link search on all major search engines including Yahoo!, Google and MSN... so you can know exactly who's linking to you or your competitors.

  • Automatically find and contact high-quality "Authority" Websites that could help increase your ranking in Google, Yahoo! and MSN.

  • Quickly and easily do all your keyword research, analysis and optimization so you can figure out which search terms are worth going after fast.

  • "Spy On" and copy the successful SEO strategies of the "big wigs" in your niche.

  • Automatically submit your site to high-traffic, high-authority directories. Directories are the "secret sauce" behind the success of many "SEO Experts." Using SEO Equalizer you'll be able to instantly pull up a list of directories in your niche and submit your site at the click of a button.

  • Find out if your link partners are still linking to you so you can make sure you're ranking as high as possible.

  • Prevent yourself from being linked to by BANNED sites... Think all incoming links are created equal? You couldn't be more wrong. Being linked to by a spammer or other site that's been banned by Google can quickly drop your search engine position to the floor. Using SEO Equalizer you'll be able to instantly know if a site has been banned by Google and take the necessary steps to kill any deadly links before you get penalized.

  • Track your Search Engine position for hot, profitable keywords... so you can know which keywords you're in the "money position" for and which you have "work" a little harder at.

  • Send Out And Track Link Request Emails... if you've ever mailed out to a potential link partner and waited and waited for a response, you'll love this feature. Now you can mail out link requests at the click of a button and see at a glance who's responded, who's blown you off and who's worth emailing again.

  • Create targeted link pages related to your niche and upload them to your server fast.

  • Analyze your site for keyword density... and optimize your pages for hot search terms in an instant.

  • And much, much (much) more.
But you know what? I can talk about all the incredible things that SEO Equalizer does all day, but I'd rather just let you see this great program in action.

Just take a look at this short "training" video where internet marketer Charles Kirkland shows you how ridiculously easy SEO Equalizer is to use... and the incredible time-saving, traffic-pumping, profit-producing results you'll get when you put this powerful new software tool to work in your business today.

And check out this video where Charles shows you to use SEO Equalizer to find websites with link submission forms, find out who's linking to your competitors, submit your site to directories and create link-getting emails in surprisingly little time. It's just 5 minutes long but really gives you a good feel for how simple this software is to use... and how it can utterly revolutionize the way you look at doing SEO for your business.

Looks Pretty Easy, Right?

It should. When I was driving myself nuts and pulling the late nights to create SEO Equalizer, I had four big goals in mind:

  1. It had to be hands free, automatic and so easy that anybody can use it. You're internet marketing to make money and have fun, not to waste all your time struggling with some techy program.

  2. It had to make you money and pay for itself fast! The whole point here is to drive more traffic to your site so you can make more sales.

  3. It had to be a one-time investment! Hey, I like continuity income as much as any internet marketer, but I think software should be a standalone thing that you pay for once and that makes you money for years and years to come.

  4. It had to work! I know, this should be a no-brainer. But I've seen way too many people put out hacked-together, barely functional programs. SEO Equalizer is quality software put together by a vetted pro. This program is stable, easy to use and guaranteed to work the way I've described. Guaranteed.

"Simply Amazing"

"I am super impressed with SEO Equalizer.

The 3 main questions I ask myself when I'm evaluating software are:
  1. Does it keep me organized?
  2. Does it make me more efficient?
  3. Does it do what it is supposed to flawlessly?
Well, after using SEO Equalizer, I'm convinced that you used these same criteria when creating this time-saving application.

The multi-purpose link building features are nice and well-rounded. And you fit in a complete arsenal of powerful analysis tools without sacrificing SEO Equalizer's intuitiveness or ease of use.

Simply Amazing!

Dave Moore

Here's What You'll Get When You Decide To Make SEO Easy And Order SEO Equalizer Today...

  • An Immediate Download Of The Incredible SEO Equalizer Software.

    You're literally just 2 minutes away from simplifying the "weird" world of SEO, skyrocketing your link popularity and driving more traffic to your site than you ever thought possible before.

    SEO Equalizer is compatible with any Windows-based PC (or can be used on any Mac that's set up to also run Windows) and, incredibly, takes up almost none of your computer's system resources.

  • My Plain-English, Easy To Follow SEO EQUALIZER User Guide That Uncovers All The "Mystery" Behind SEO And Turns You Into A Link-Getting Expert Fast.

    If you've ever bought software before, you know that most user guides are written in some sort of modified Klingon and ridiculously hard to follow.

    I've written and rewritten the SEO Equalizer User Guide to be intuitive and easy... so that anybody with at least a third grade education can follow its step-by-step instructions and get results fast.

    This "Newbies Guide" to SEO is written for the absolute beginner... but is packed full of features and concepts that greedy SEO "Experts" charge thousands and thousands of dollars for.

  • Complete Series Of SEO Equalizer Training Videos That Show SEO Equalizer In Action And That You Can Follow Step By Step To Get Results For Your Business Almost Overnight

    I know that many people learn better by seeing and hearing than by reading. That's why I've created a full series of tutorial videos that walk you through all of SEO Equalizers key features. Even if you never crack open the manual and just watch the videos, you'll still be worlds ahead of the results that any SEO "Expert" could hope to get.

  • Unlimited Email Support Access.

    I know most big software companies make you jump through hoops and go nuts on the phone to try to get any actual support. Or worse yet, they route your call to India or China and make you talk to someone who's never used the product and who you can barely understand.

    I don't like to do business that way. Order today and I'll give you my personal assistant's email address so you can write with questions or comments any time day or night. Trey is the only one who checks this email address and he'll send you back an answer to your question within 24 hours or less.
Rock Solid "You Can't Lose" 8-Week Guarantee

This is really simple.

I believe in this software and I believe in the great results you'll get when you start using it. That's why I'm willing to take all your risk away and make this a really easy decision for you.

Simply order SEO Equalizer today, install it on your computer and put it to work for your business to create a linking structure that skyrockets your Search Engine Position and blows up your sales.

If after doing that you aren't convinced that this was the absolute smartest money that you've ever spent (and a drop in the bucket versus all the money using this program has brought you) just let me know, I'll refund your money and we'll part as friends.

Fair enough?

Sound Like A Heck Of A Deal? I Think So Too

Listen, if you've come this far, watched the videos on this site and dug through the details of what I have to offer, it shows me that you're serious about improving your search engine position and driving more qualified, profitable traffic to your site this easy way.

And right now, you really are just a few clicks away from getting the simple, easy-to-use and incredibly powerful software program that makes getting great Search Engine results an absolute snap.

Using SEO Equalizer, you'll be able to establish links with high-quality authority sites, analyze keywords, send out backlink emails and run a full SEO campaign from the comfort of your own home or office and even if you've never even heard the term "SEO" before in your life.

And you'll do so faster than you ever though possible before... freeing you up to spend time with your family and actually enjoy your life.

And I think that's worth a heck of a lot more than I'm asking you to pay right now.

So please, do yourself a favor, click the link below and download your copy of SEO Equalizer today.

SEO EQUALIZER No-Risk Acceptance Form

YES! I want to get all the high-quality incoming links I want, drive more targeted, free traffic to my site and drive my sales like never before!

I understand that when I order today I'll get... .
  • The full version of the tested and proven SEO Equalizer Software... plus free upgrades for life!

  • The simple, easy-to-understand "Newbies Guide" manual walking me through the exact steps I need to use to SEO Equalizer to dominate my niche and drive tons of qualified free traffic to my site.

  • Quick start training videos that show me exactly how to get started with SEO Equalizer so I can start building my link structure and getting results fast!

  • Unlimited email support from someone who is very knowledgeable about SEO. (I understand that this program is so stable and easy to use that I probably won't have any questions at all...but just in case, I'll get a private email address so I can get my questions answered and get back to making money right away!)
I understand that SEO Equalizer will pay for itself many times over in time saved and money made by increasing my organic, free traffic.

I also understand that my purchase is covered by Jeff Alderson's generous 8 Week Guarantee and that I may return my software and ask for a refund any time in the next two months and receive my money back, no questions asked!

Click the button below to order SEO Equalizer NOW and get instant access! Just $27. one time fee!



Matthew Meyer

P.S. Is it worth $27 bucks to be able to spend your time with your family and doing the things you love instead of sweating and crying as you try to wrangle the big search engines? I've developed this program to be easy to use and incredibly fast. You have nothing to lose, so be sure to order SEO Equalizer today!

P.P.S. Remember, you have nothing to lose. If you aren't convinced it was the best money you ever invested in your internet business, let me know anytime in the next 8 weeks and I'll refund your money in full. No questions asked and we'll part as friends.