OptimizePress WordPress Plugin Review And Download

OptimizePress is a premium WordPress them which helps you create brilliant squeeze pages, sales, letters, launch pages and even membership sites all using WordPress and a simple point and click interface.

You can easily spend hundreds of dollars creating a professional looking sales page. If you try to do it yourself it can takes hours of tedious work and trial and error.

With OptimizePress all you do is create a simple header or logo (if you even want one) and then just point and click from the OptimizePress interface to do the rest. This saves you hours of time and the designs are professional looking, lean, and geared towards one goal, making sales!

Here are some of the major features of OptmizePress:

Use OptimizePress To Create Squeeze Pages To Gather Email Addresses.

Many savvy marketers choose to send their traffic to a squeeze page with an opt in form even before sending them to a sales page. The idea is once people opt in you can follow up with them over and over with your sales pitch. OptimizePress builds brilliant Squeeze pages in just minutes. No need to hire a designer on a free lancing site, wait for modifications, changes and pay big money for a design. OptimizePress comes up with a design that most likely would be better than your paid designer could come up with.

You have a choice of 10 sharp looking squeeze page templates. Most support the use of video or you can just use bullets and graphics.

To add a video just add the embed code for your video and it automatically shows up in the correct place. You can modify the headline, the pre-headline all the a variety of sizes and fonts. You can now have a professional looking squeeze page in under 5 minutes.

You can make fantastic sales pages with OptinmizePress. And you can do so quickly. You have a wide variety of templates, styles, headers, headers with logo, very simple templates, without sidebars or with.

You can add testimonial boxes, content boxes, order buttons and more. This is all done from a very simple user friendly point and click menu. The sales pages look fantastic and of course this gets you more subscribers and sales. Bottom line you are saving a ton of time and money and getting superior results with OptimizePress.

More features include delayed order buttons, create launch funnel/landing pages, add Facebook comments and even create memberships sites!

One license will allow you to use this software on as many domains as you own as you wish. This one wordpress theme can dramatically increase the speed you get your products to market successfully. See here to learn more about OptimizePress.

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Review: MaxBlogPress Stripe Ad WordPress Plugin

To pop up or not to pop up that is the question. Pop ups work and they do not work. They will grab your visitors attention and you may get more subscribers to your newsletter but you also risk scaring your visitors away or just annoying them. If you have too many annoying agressive ads on your website visitors may not stick around. Then again you still need to advertise on your site to make money. It is a fine balancing act.

In comes the MaxBlogPress Stripe Ad. It is a thin strip which goes across the top or bottom of your page. It is stationary but still highly visible. You can’t miss it. Your visitors can still easily navigate the site. You can place ads and links in the stripe and customize the look to suit your blog.

You can even rotate the ads with an unlimited number of ads or have it hover as the viewer scrolls down the page (careful with that one!) Or if you choose the stripe ad can just remain static at the top of the page.

There are also additional settings to rotate through an infinite amount of advertisements, and make the ad hover as the user scrolls down the page or remain static at the very top.

You can adjust the “weight” of the ad if you are rotating ads. This allows you to choose which ads you want to show more frequently. I have seen this stripe ad used on major blogs to promote an ebook, contest, or to redirect viewers to a survey. You can use it to draw attention to important posts or for specials of any kind.

I think the MaxBlogPress Stripe Ad is a great alternative to using pop ups on your site. It is a non-agressive ways to get your readers attention while still keeping them on your blog.

For more information on MaxBlogPress Stripe Ad see here.

Review: MaxBlogPress Subscribers Magnet WordPress Plugin


MaxBlogPress.com has created another excellent WordPress marketing plugin to help you increase your subscribers. I am using right here on this blog now and I love it!

MaxBlogPress Subscribers Magnet integrates seamlessly with most autoresponder companies such as Aweber, iContact, ConstantContact and Getresponse. Getting set up is relatively easy. You start by simply copy and pasting the autoresponder form code from your autoresponder system into MaxBlogPress. It automatically will detect the correct form fields so you do not have to worry about fooling with any code.

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Zemanta Review: SEO Link Building With The Zemanta Plugin


Zemanta is a WordPress is a plugin which works on WordPress, MoveableType, Drupal and Joomla. It can also be installed on Firefox, Chrome or IE web browser. One of the best reasons to use Zemanta is to help you with your link building. As you are writing your post Zemanta will suggest content which relates to what you are writing which is already indexed. This is helpful if you want to link to some content related to your post.

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Review of WP Super Cache WordPress Plugin


The more components you keep adding to your WordPress blog, the more archives you have, the longer it takes for your pages to load in your visitor’s browsers and the more resources your blog uses which increases your hosting cost. If your pages load too slowly visitors will just click off and your traffic and […]

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Review WordPress Plugin- Simple Facebook Connect


Review Simple Facebook Connect. There are many Facebook apps which facilitate the publishing of their posts on fan pages and profiles but most really do not work that well. After much trial and error the most user friendly WordPress Plugin I have found for Facebook is Simple Facebook Connect. Here are some of the feature […]

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