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Boost Your Site’s Popularity with WordPress SEO Plugins

WordPress is currently being used by over 50 million websites. WordPress is regarded as the top-most blogging platform so far. WordPress is in great demand today. Several Internet marketing firms, businesses, and an online magazine are successfully using it for running as well as expanding their businesses online.

Today everyone is aware that the world of SEO is an extensive one and it necessitates vast and sound knowledge for mastering it. However, those who are really serious and dedicated towards their portfolio, business or blogging, they would put in their best effort for improving their authorship and brand presence. You must admit that SEO is clearly one of the most effective ways of enhancing your authority and brand presence because it is instrumental in attracting more organic traffic, leads, and customers.

Here are some of the most popular and effective WordPress SEO Plugins that are just right for the year 2016. These WordPress plugins are incredibly functional and have features like automated content optimization, force rewrite rule, social media integration etc.


SEOPressor is certainly a comprehensive, really powerful and most effective WordPress SEO plugin that was ever built. It has intense power and is able to manage practically all your posts, pages, custom post formats or to state clearly, your website as a whole.

It boasts of an in-built or inherent keyword research tool that helps you in finding long tail keywords. You can conveniently use just one click to incorporate the keyword right into your content thanks to the drag and drop super-efficient functionality. This amazing feature is great for saving around 15 to 20minutes for every post, that you would have wasted doing keyword research especially, on other services and tools.

It features a robust Post & Page Analysis Algorithm that aids in calculating your content’s SEO stat. Then it helps in giving you a rating precisely on 100 bases. The analysis is all about checking your H1, H2, and H3 tags. Thereafter, it goes about checking your internal and outbound linking. It checks your pictures and finds out if it has a title or alternate tag or not. It provides the functionality for automating the entire task of incorporating alternative text by allocating the title hook right in the setting page.

SEOPressor actually comes with a truly robust internal linking feature that lets you assign any specific link with one particular phrase or word. So whenever you are publishing the post, those specific words would automatically be hyperlinked.

This fantastic plugin helps in making your website far more social-friendly simply by incorporating Twitter Metadata tags and Facebook Open Graph. It boasts of an in-built or inherent support for an ultra-rich snippet, which implies that you are now able to come up with an unlimited review.

Rank Reveal

Rank reveal allows you to identify keywords for which you are actually ranking. Also, for which you could rank higher in the times to come. It empowers you to identify long tail keywords that boast of high conversion and very low competition.

Rank reveal makes use of proprietary ranking graph-data. It is regarded as one of the biggest assortment of ranking data that is consistently monitoring search engines for web rankings. It informs you about the specific keywords, for which ranking is done on SERP including its position. These keywords were actually once hidden from your view because of Google Analytics and Webmaster tools.

This is not all. You could additionally, keep track of your competitors’ rankings and keep an eye on all the keywords used by them. You may then use those keywords for optimizing your website. Just wait to get much better results. Rank reveal is certainly an amazing plugin that can definitely, boost your ranking when used properly.

Ultimate Video SEO Plugin

If you own a video blog and wish to boost its organic traffic, then you should definitely use this fabulous Video SEO Plugin. This particular video SEO plugin is effective in automatically generating video’s object markup. It is great for demonstrating video thumbnail on all the search result pages.

Once the plugin is installed, you do not really require any serious settings, you simply need to go directly to your posts. Then you could go about creating new tutorials and articles. The new field just under your post editor allows you to incorporate video, its thumbnail, and details.

The salient feature of this amazing plugin is its superb capability to fetch video SEO details automatically from the respective video hosting services. Moreover, this plugin generates video sitemap that is effective in helping search engines including Google to index all your new pages conveniently. This plugin is, therefore, helpful in giving the video a higher ranking on SERP. This is effective in driving added organic traffic. At present this fantastic SEO plugin is known to support practically all foremost video hosting websites such as Dailymotion, Vimeo, YouTube etc.

All in One

This is unquestionably the most highly-reputed and cutting-edge SEO plugin created for online businesses, bloggers, magazines, and e-Commerce. It boasts of more than 14 million+ Downloads and an impressive 3.8 Avg. rating. These credentials are enough to put it on top of any list.

All in One SEO is built by Michael Torbert. He has come up with a more professional version of All in One. The pro version featuresnumerous other advanced characteristics which are not available in the free edition, including installation and premium support. Let us highlight some of its salient features. If you happen to be a blogger who has not much understanding of SEO and who hardly thinks of performing on page optimization, then “All in One” is the right plugin for you.

All in One could generate automatically the Meta keywords meant for all your blog posts and furnish even the Meta description. All in One is great for optimizing your titles automatically using best practices. Moreover, it is able to incorporate alternate tags to your visuals and graphics.

Last, but not the least, it is one and only SEO plugin that offers extended support for all e-Commerce websites. It has cutting-edge algorithms that are effective in checking blogs for identifying duplicate pages if any, for preventing Panda Penalty. Generally speaking, this is a really comprehensive solution for both novices as well as advanced users.

WordPress SEO Developed By Yoast Plugin

This boasts of more than 4.5 million + Downloads along with an impressive 4.7-star rating out of total 5. It is acknowledged as the second best among all plugins in its category. This outstanding plugin was created by Joost de Valk, an SEO specialist. He is not just an SEO specialist but also, the very best plugin developer till date.

Some renowned online magazines and websites are successfully using this exceptional plugin. This latest plugin comes with an offer to integrate Twitter Mata data and Facebook Open Graph for transforming your website into a definitely more socially-friendly one. The most striking feature of this plugin is most definitely, on page analysis that is actually powered by Linkdex.

You get custom boxes for placing keyword tags and Meta description. It is effective in automatically checking your post’s keyword density in case the targeted phrase happens to be there in the title. It offers comprehensive link analysis including outbound and inbound. You are now able to get a rating that is based on 100 percent.

You may consider using its inherent Reading Ease scale for checking if your post is easy and convenient enough for reading or not. This unique quality of the plugin facilitates complete optimization of your content, especially for your readers. There’s even more. Yoast offers certain cutting-edge options for introducing some technical improvements and modifications.

WP Social SEO Booster

This really helps to make your website even more social-friendly. You must be aware that Google has in the past been including social signals in its consideration while ranking web pages on SERP. That is primarily the reason, why you should make it a habit of taking each and every step whether big or small for effectively making your website more social and user-friendly.

Some of the vital tips are making use of Facebook Open Graph Tag, incorporating Social Media-Sharing Buttons, infusing Twitter Meta Data, and also adding micro data. Thisincredible plugin helps you in performing all these tasks pretty fast and with only a few clicks.

Another striking feature is that it integrates quite easily with other remarkable SEO plugins such as All in One, Yoast, and some others. It lets you infuse rich snippets to your articles. It automatically adds Twitter Meta, HTML 5 Boilerplate optimized .htaccess and Facebook Open Graph.

Google Sitemap Plugin

This is a really easy to use, but definitely powerful SEO plugin developed by BestWebSoft. It gives you the opportunity to create pretty quickly and submit the sitemaps to Bing Webmaster tool and Google Webmaster. It is useful in generating the .gzip file that is usually used and considered by Google. This is preferred by many because of its incredible simplicity. It is known to support multiple post formats.


It is time to try out the above-mentioned WordPress SEO plugins for great results. However, experts believe that besides using effective plugins you should pay attention to site speed as it is one of the most vital factors in SEO rankings. Fast loading sites are known to surely outrank relatively slower websites. It is important to devote quite a lot of time to enhance your content strategy, but it is also, essential to put in enough endeavors to boost your site speed. Ensure that your WordPress site is loading fast enough.

Author Bio: Jacob Abraham is an SEO expert attached to a renowned SEO consultancy firm. He has more than seven years of experience in helping small and medium businesses get better visibility of their websites with the best SEO wordpress theme. He has recently taken to blogging and is enjoying himself thoroughly.

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