How I Am Using Mass Video Blaster Pro to Get New Subscribers Everyday


Here is a video where I show you how I am using Mass Video Blaster Pro to get high quality subscribers to my newsletters.

Mass Video Blaster Pro is an extremely well maintained functioning software which will mass upload hundreds of videos with different titles,tags and descriptions to as many YouTube accounts and channels as you have.

Here are just a few of the features of Mass Video Blaster Pro

  • Mass upload videos on YouTube
  • Mass download videos from YouTube/Vimeo
  • Multiple accounts/campaigns support
  • Built-in video editorWatermark videos, change audio, cut time and more

This tool could be used to massively spam YouTube but this is not how I use it. If you massively spam YouTube you will most likely lose your YouTube account and all your work. It is just not worth it.

Mass Video Blaster Pro Uploads Various Versions of Your Videos to Many Video Hosting Accounts

I use the software to upload various versions of my own ORIGINAL videos with various HANDWRITTEN titles tags and descriptions to my many YouTube accounts.

Only Use Your Original Content. Never Use Even Creative Commons Material. 100% Original Only.

Why do this? Because there are many variations of my keywords that people will be using to search for my topic. If I just have one video on YouTube it will pull just for those specific keywords. However, if I have 10 various versions of a video on a similar theme all with related but different keywords and especially titles I have 10 times the chances to be found.

10 Unique Versions of Your Video All With Original Handwritten Content and Variations of Your Keywords Will Bring in More Visitors Than Just One Version of Your Video

These videos do not get thousands of views but remember I have lots of different videos out there not just one. I always include a call to action in the video for the viewer to click the link in my video to learn more. Generally I have a landing page where they can opt in to my newsletter.

Imagine 1000′s of Keyword Targeted Videos Bringing Just a Few Quality Visitors Each Week

Imagine if you had 1000 high quality original video with unique content and keywords each pulling in just one subscriber per week.

Generally opt in subscribers are worth at least $1. each. so that is an extra 10000 subscribers each week that are joining your newsletter. These are also very high quality subscribers since they were specifically interested in your topic.

Of course content is king. If your videos are not very good or interesting they will bring in good results.

Make Your Content Good or It Will Not Matter How Many Videos You Upload

The problem with this technique is that it takes time and you need to do a little bit everyday. Most people want instant success. However, if you discipline yourself to upload quality videos to an every growing base of YouTube accounts all with original content you will see the results.

I have tracked many high quality subscribers from this marketing technique. Another advantage to this technique is that the traffic is permanent. That is why it is so important for each video to be your original content and to have hand written keywords, titles and tags.

Just do A Little Bit Everyday and Do Not Check Results for a Month!

If you get your account shut down the traffic is no longer permanent and you have wasted your time. It is best to take the slow and sure approach and just do a little bit everyday without looking for quick results. After a month of this you will be surprised at the results.

Video Traffic is Permanent!

It is kind of like losing weight. Do not look at the scale just concentrate on the activity.

Here is how you do the technique.

1. Create an original video on your topic.

2. Create 5-10 different versions of the video.

3. Upload the videos to Mass Video Blaster Pro.

4. Enter your various YouTube account details. (A note on YouTube accounts. Never buy YouTube accounts. They always get deleted. Just gradually create your own hand made accounts and only use your original content and images.)

5. Assign the accounts to your videos.

6. Upload your videos using Mass Video Blaster Pro.

This video is not and in depth review of every feature of the software. There are many more uses and features. However, this is a technique that I use with this software that is bringing in results. I hope this gives you some ideas. Please share this post on your favorite social media if you found it helpful.

Much Success,