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Everybody knows that having a targeted opt in list is one of the best ways to market your business. But how to build your list if you are starting from scratch?

How to Build Your List From Scratch?

One way to build a targeted list fast is to offer an incentive for people to join your list. The better the incentive the more likely people will join your list. Imagine if you offered a free Ipad to everybody who joined your list. Lots of people would join for sure! However, you would have to deliver, of course, and this could get quite expensive.

The Better Your Incentive The More Likely People Will Subscribe

Another incentive that has perceived value is information or software that you can give away. For example maybe you have a valuable ebook with pertinent information for your niche. Or perhaps you have some original software that helps solve a problem for your targeted market that you can give away.

Software and Ebooks Make Great Incentives as They Have High Perceived Value

Software and ebooks are excellent incentives but they need to be of the highest quality. They need to be good enough that somebody would actually pay for the info. The problem with giving away valuable ebooks and software is that it takes time to develop such products and you need to start building your list now!

Why Not Give Away Our Free Classified Ad Submission Software?

Well we have just made this task easier for you. Why not give away our free classified ad submission software as an incentive for people to join your list?

You can download our free classified ad submission software from this page and liberally give it away to your list!

This software submits ads to the Jobs/Business Opportunity section of The Free Ad Forum Classifieds.

It will submit to a random 50 cities out of 500 total every submission. The software is easy to use and is completely free.

On your autoresponder subscription form you can say something like: ” Join Our Newsletter and Immediately Download Free Classified Ad Posting Software”

Then in the first message of your autoresponder put the link to the free software. You can use our direct link which is hosted on Amazon S3 or you can download the software and re-upload it to any of your severs of hosting services.

It is completely free software, that we programmed so there is no problem with licensing at all. Also we own so you are welcome to use the software to post your ads.

This offer is especially attractive if your audience is interested in promoting business opportunities as this software submits to the business opportunity section of thefreeadforum free classifieds.

While you are using our software to build your list you can be working on your own original giveaways or software that solves a specific problem for your list. You can use our software to get going right away.

Here is a video which shows the software in action.

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