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Best Low Cost Advertising Idea of the Year!

I just re-set up my classified ad site with new top of the line software (geodesic). I am offering way more options and a better layout than the old version. You can check it out here.

Here are some of the upgrades:

1. Geographic SEO’ed regions– You can now post ads in every city in the USA and most other English speaking countries. The urls are seo friendly which means you will actually see the city state and region in the actual url of the ad. This helps get your ad found in Google for your area much more easily.

2. Ability to add videos– You can now add your YouTube and even other videos to your ad. You can add up to 3 YouTube videos at no extra charge.

3. Add up to 7 images free.

4. Upgrade option to have your ad rotate on the home page of our site in the featured table- For only $5. your ad will rotate on the busiest page of our site.

5. Option to have your ad stay on the site for 1 year– For another $5. you can have your ad stay live on our site for an an entire year! This means that if you go for the first upgrade your ad is rotated on the home page and you pay another $5. and the ad stays live for a year. So for $10. your ad is rotating on our home page for 1 year! This is nuts!

6. Upgrade option to have your title in bold– This just costs $2.

7. Upgrade option to have an attention getter image next to your ad like this one-This costs just $1. extra.

8. You can also upgrade to have your ad shown at the top of your category for $5.  Your ad will show up in all geographic regions for your category in the featured table at the top of the category.

We have over 30,000 members from the old system and we are heavily promoting this site. If you want to place an ad for free you can do so for 30 days.

I am constantly sending my list of 200,000+ to this site so it is a great opportunity to take advantage of all my constant promotions. Soon I will be adding an affiliate program so that we can earn money promoting the site.

To place an ad just visit here and create a free account. I just need a valid email that is it. Super simple. Then start placing as many ads as you wish.

If you have suggestions for categories let me know. I am open to new ideas and your feedback. See you there! Matt.

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