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18 Places To Publish And Sell Your Ebook

Selling your own ebook is one of the best ways to make money online. Giving away rebrandable ebooks is one of the best list building and traffic generation techniques that exist. The more places you can sell and distribute your ebook the more exposure you will have and the more sales you will make. Many people will find your ebook simply by searching the sites below. Your ebook should be listed in as many as possible. Here is a quick list of places to start publishing your ebook:

1. ClickBank.

2. PayDotCom.

3. Ebay.



7. Cerizmo.

8. PayLoadz.

9. Digital Point Forums.

10. SitePoint Marketplace.

11. Warrior Forum Special Offers

12. Expert Subjects.

13. Itunes Ibook Store.
Here is an interesting article by John Chow on how to sell your ebook in the Apple Ibook Store.



16. Sony Ebook Store Sony.

17. Booksonboard.

18. Barnes and Noble.
Here is a very good article giving you exact instructions how to publish with Barnes and Noble.

If you have had any experiences self publishing I would love to hear about it here.

Thank you,

Matthew Meyer

P.S. Here is another great article on self publishing.

Just a note: After I clicked publish for this blog post I saw an ad for It looks like another good platform where you can publish your ebook. They also have free tools to help you finish the project.

P.S. 2 Maybe you do not even have any ideas for an ebook. Learn from the master. Check out Copyblogger post on how to get content ideas.

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