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5 Good Reasons To Start Your Own Weekly Top 5 Posts Post


I recently came up with the idea of posting the top 5 internet marketing blog/forum posts of the week post. Each week I will scour the top internet marketing blogs and forums and post the top 5 posts of the week. See here to view my first post. I thought it would be interesting and an easy way to put up another post without having to think of a lot of new ideas. It turned out to be a better idea than I thought. Here are 5 reasons why you should start your own top 5 posts of the week for your niche on your blog.

1. You will learn a lot! I really underestimated this. Just by searching through the top blog posts over the last week in my industry I got tons of new ideas. I bookmarked new software that I wanted to use. I learned better traffic tracking techniques, I reviewed some basics, I learned how to increase my subscriber base, how to get people to accept my guest blogs and how one top blogger is changing his business model. I learned all of this just by putting up on top 5 post! If you did this exercise every week for one year you are guaranteed to become a stone cold expert in your field.

2. You are providing great value to your readers and a reason to return to your site.. There is a lot of noise on the internet. Lots of information to sift through. Well now you are doing this for them. They can return to your site and skim the top information in their field quickly. You are saving them quite a bit of time plus you are only delivering the creme de la creme information in your industry. Expect more RSS subscribers and email list subscribers and higher open rates in your emails.

3. You will start to get known by the top people in your industry. It may not happen right away. But if you are consistent these top players will start to notice you. Consistency and quality are the keys. Successful people have egos. If they see that they are making it on your “Best Of” lists they will like it and will be more likely to do interviews and joint ventures with you in the future. These are the people you want to network with and this is a great way to start getting their attention.

4. Trackbacks. Many top blogs have trackbacks turned on. Whenever anybody links to one of their blog posts they get a notice within their wordpress control panel. They then can approve of disapprove the trackback. If it is approved you will have a link back to your blog post on their blog post. These are high quality back links to your website which not only give you great seo benefits but people reading the other popular posts will see your links and click on them. These links can really ad up if you post 5 top posts and link back to them every week.

5. It is a lot of fun! You should enjoy reading and writing about your topic. If you don’t you should switch fields and start writing about something else. Learning from the best and sharing that information should be a pleasure. So digg in and enjoy. If you start your own top 5 internet marketing posts column on your blog let me know and we can link to each other.

Matthew Meyer

Check out how to pros do the top 5 thing with Top 5 Tips On Becoming A Better Writer.

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