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Category Archives for "Answer Site Marketing"

Using Yahoo Answers To Get Backlinks And Traffic


Do not forget about Yahoo Answers to promote your website. Yahoo answers get listed very well in search results plus there are a lot of real eyeballs actually looking at Yahoo Answers to answers! Imagine that! You want to be the person giving them the answers to your questions. You can leave links back to your website if they are appropriate to the answer. I hired somebody from to answer questions about classified ad marketing to promote my classified ad posting service. Here are the results. If you would like to hire him yourself here is the gig.

Yahoo Answers Classified Ad Submission Answers 1
Yahoo Answers Classified Ad Submission Answers 2
Yahoo Answers Classified Ad Submission Answers 3
Yahoo Answers Classified Ad Submission Answers 4
Yahoo Answers Classified Ad Submission Answers 5

Here is a much more in depth article on Yahoo Answers marketing. Just ask Google any question and I can almost guarantee you there will be some Yahoo Answers posts. This is a good sign! Let me know if you have had success with Yahoo Answers. Thank you.

P.S. I just thought of something as it relates to affiliate marketing. I noticed one of my Yahoo Answers was deleted by Yahoo admins. You might have problems filling Yahoo answers with direct affiliate links. If you are doing affiliate marketing I suggest getting a or or even your own website and direct visitors there. Once they are on your website or blog post they then can see your affiliate links. Good luck! Let me know how this works for you.

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