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How to Get Free Traffic and Earn Affiliate Commissions Giving Away Free Ebooks

give away free ebooks

One of the best ways to get free residual traffic and to earn affiliate commissions is by giving away free valuable free ebooks embedded with your affiliate of website link.

We have created an ebook entitled “12 Ways to Get More Sales with Classified Ads.” This ebook promotes our website through it’s affiliate program. You can download the free ebook here and then re-brand it very easily and quickly with your affiliate link with our online re-brander.

Once you have created the ebook you can then proceed to give it away to everybody. Here are some ideas.

1. Send the ebook to your list as a gift for being subscribed.

2. Offer the ebook as an incentive for people to join your list. Then put the link to the ebook in the first autoresponder message. For an example of this see what I have done on my site here.

3. Post the ebook to all your social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc.

4. Create a YouTube video about the ebook and upload it to YouTube and Dailymotion.

5. Upload the re-branded pdf file to and all the major document sharing sites. is around the 100th busiest website online and gets crazy traffic. People will be able to download your free ebook and everytime somebody click any of the links and orders our classified ad submission service  you receive a 50% commissions.

Give Away Free Ebooks

If you want to get even more traffic I suggest uploading the pdf to all the document sharing sites. Here is somebody who will do it for you for just 5 bucks! Considering that these pdfs stay up forever on high traffic sites it is definitely worth uploading your pdfs on these sites since they will give you residual traffic over and over.

6. Post your free ebook on classified ad sites! If you want to manually post your link to your free ebook to the major classified ad sites here is a list. If you want you can have us submit your link to thousands of classified ad sites using our classified ad posting service here.

The problem with the technique of offering re-branded ebooks before was that it was very difficult to re-brand and ebook with your affiliate link and most affiliates just gave up. I use a service called Viralpdfgenerator and I highly recommend the service. The will host your original pdf and your affiliates can re-brand your ebook with their system with just a few clicks.

So if you have your own product to sell ,website and affiliate program I highly recommend writing a free ebook and giving it away using Viralpdfgenerator. They have hosted thousands of downloads for me and if I did not have this easy system for my affiliates to us they might not be giving away me ebook right now.

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