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How To Make Cool Videos If You Cannot Speak Are Camera Shy, And Are Tech Challenged (Animoto Review)


YouTube is an awesome medium. Videos are hot. They are a great way to communicate your message. I have been doing some blog posts about my adventures with YouTube but I noticed some resistance from readers. The problem is that most people are intimidated by the video making process. Maybe they are technically challenged, maybe they do not know what content to put into their videos.

There is an online service just for these people called Animoto. Animoto has made it just about as easy as it can be to create a cool video with sound and graphics. From their free online interface you just choose several pictures, even video effects clips, backgrounds, add a few lines of text, choose your music from their Royalty free collection and Animoto puts the whole video together for you in minutes. The video miraculously comes out looking like a pro video editor did the video for you. You do not even have to speak. Here is a video I did in a few minutes with Animoto. Keep in mind I am very limited in my video editing knowledge. If you want to get started making cool videos without being a techy or even without having to be very creative check out Animoto.

Here are some great tips direct from the Google official blog on how to use YouTube to better promote your small business.




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