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SEO: A Business Within Itself


Chances are likely that most newcomers to the internet business figure all they need to do is put up a website and – Wham! – their target audience as well as income will start rolling in. Not so.

What they must learn and fast too, is that putting up a website is the easy part. The more complex part or better yet, more important detail of being online is dealing with Search Engine Optimization, also known as SEO. So exactly what is SEO?

SEO is the process of optimizing a website in order to achieve high search engine rankings and conversions on a search engine result (SERP) page.
If your website is lucky enough to land on the first SERP page, then this puts you in the prime position of generating massive traffic, which in turn leads to more business and sales. It’s even better when you’re in the first spot on the page! All of this is possible because most web users only search and click on the first SERP page. Thus, being on this webpage will get your business noticed. It’s the best exposure your business can have.

However, there is a new reality to SEO. And that reality is more websites are popping up on the internet each day. These websites, if optimized with good web content, are all trying to reach that same secure spot: the first SERP page. Failure to reach it could land you as far as the second, third or tenth SERP page. With rankings like this, your business will never be found!

This reality is here to stay. This is because nowadays most businesses are found through search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo versus word of mouth.
Given this, how do you succeed in SEO? You start the pathway to SEO success by examining the source – your website. One major factor is checking your keywords. Are they relevant to your site? Furthermore, do they rank high? Are they even searchable terms?

If you find that you need to change your keywords, then rewrite your website content with relevant and searchable keywords. You can use Google Adwords Keyword Tool to assist you. If writing isn’t your expertise, consider hiring a content writer to write optimized content for you. An experienced web writer will know how to optimize your content without keyword stuffing it; they also can make it informative. In other words, improve your website by optimizing it.

Another direction that you can take in succeeding in SEO is link exchanging. You can collaborate with another website owner to exchange website links. With this method, having inbound and outbound links is sure to generate traffic amongst sites and increase your SERP ranking. There are other methods that can help you dominate SEO. Search the internet for more information and tips on search engine optimization. Though it takes time and effort to achieve at SEO, it will be worth it in the end. Having more traffic, business, and best of all, sales deriving from your site will make it well worth it.

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