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Using Pinterest To Rank Higher On The Search Engines


It is hard to keep up with all the social media changes as well as the hot newcomers such as Pinterest. This site which basically allows you to share photos has shot through the roof in popularity. I have never used it but I heard that there were traffic and seo advantages for using the site. But I have better things to do than just pinning photos so a social media site. So I decided to hire somebody from to do some Pinterest seo for me.

I saw that Pinterest has a page rank of 7 which is quite high. What is really working for me on seo is to have quality content on high PR sites. The more high PR sites that have my content the better. I gave the Pinterest worker my affiliate tools page for my classified ad submission service.

He took some banners from my affiliate tools page and pinned them on Pinterest from various accounts. He pinned them 75 times total each from a different account. You can see the links here:

The results? Time will tell. But at least I have a presence with links back to my site on a high traffic PR7 sites. The gamble was only $5. I doubt Google will look at only 75 links from one site as a problem so I think there is nothing but upside to using Pinterest to help with your seo. If you would like to hire the same person to get you on Pinterest see here. Here is a much more in depth article about using Pinterest for marketing and seo. See: 56 Ways To Market Your Business On Pinterest.




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