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Spoilers – Five actions that can ruin your relationships as well as your SEO campaign


Link Building

Link Building

When I first started doing Search Engine Optimization, link building was more like a copy-paste job, copy the website name, URL, and Description and paste them into “submit link” form in one of those free web directories (they use to be in abundance, haven’t checked lately though), copy article and author’s Bio and paste it into the article directory, copy Link Exchange email proposal and send it to any random website. Even though those tactics worked back then, I always knew that it’s a little too good to be true, just like someone in a make-shift relationship knowing that it’s going to end anytime soon.

In all those years of working as a Link Builder, I have seen many link building strategies coming and going (while some going horribly wrong), some stayed for a short period while others weren’t any good to start with. Just like love, SEO is a trade where the starters always make the mistake of thinking that they have got it figured out. Truth is that learning the nitty-gritty of SEO might be easy, but it’s not an unruly game where you can continue to do whatever suits you and expect to get your desired results in the end, just like love, it is a game where you’ve got to play by the rules.

There are elements that will eventually ruin your relationships, and coincidently, the same elements can mess up your SEO campaign as well, let’s take a look at the spoilers.


Excess of everything is bad, but there’s something worse than the excess, and it is the disorder known as obsession (AKA fixation). And the worst part is, it can get really difficult to differentiate between good healthy affection from obsession. Coming to the SEO, it can turn out to be equally difficult to tell apart healthy SEO concerns from the obsession with the keywords and rankings. Getting obsessed and overly possessive about someone will only turn out to be a switch-off for the very person you love, and getting obsessed with your rankings will only cast a deteriorating effect on your SEO. Obsession in any shape or form is not healthy, so the sooner you can step down off the pedestal the better.


If you think all those good feelings people associate with love are about “receiving the love” than you are mistaken, the true power of love is hidden behind “giving the love”. And it’s the same when it comes to “link love”. Not that you need to give a lot of links to get the links back, instead love in the cyber world is all about providing something of value to your target users. Don’t spend all your time and energies in thinking how to yield something out of your website or don’t fret over the lack of apparent benefits you are deriving from the relationships, instead try to be a little selfless and lookout for the ways to help others by providing better products or services, and you will be getting the rewards in next to no time.


Some years ago, I used to work for a well-known portal. I remember once a relatively new startup approached the company and offered a free spot as an expert in their community, allowing us to carry our own brand and a link whenever we post, but because the site was new and had nothing but the “potential”, the higher-ups refuse to invest any resources. Big mistake … the website went on to grew into a thriving community in next to no time. Fast forward to six months or so, and our company was gladly paying quite some bucks to get a similar spot on their website that we were offered for free. Moral of the story? Don’t try to judge people or websites from their current status; instead try to see beyond the conventional benchmarks known as PR, Alexa, Moz rank, and all.


Don’t risk your irreplaceable relationships or your website by indulging in some acts which are considered cheating. It might appear small, but even the smallest act of cheating can come back to bite you in a grand way. Why jeopardize things that matter to you for short-term gains, when you can get much more while staying true to the cause? Most of the times it is the impatience or hopelessness that pushes you towards that route, have patience and don’t get frustrated by the false promises of quacks and charlatans, they are certainly not worth risking your most valuable possessions.


True love might be unconditional, but even the truest of lovers expect you to step out of your comfort zone and get busy. You can’t stay in your comfort zone and expect the love or SEO to work out for you, just because your intentions are right. Remember that your desires and wants need to be backed by your actions, so don’t keep looking for the right circumstances, or the opportunities to come your way.

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